What Is Psychoanalysis?

Who Can Benefit from Psychoanalysis?

All human beings carry unconscious captivated parts (parts captivated by the unconscious) in their minds. Therefore, in one sense, psychoanalysis can be fundamentally beneficial to all persons. However, psychoanalysis is a painstaking practice that requires numerous sessions, and hence costs a certain amount of money. In order to face one's own mind sincerely and deeply, it is true that unless an analysand is in a position where he/she can maintain the will to change, it will be difficult to continue the analysis.

Also, because the mind and emotions are shaken very much there, depending on the states of the analysand, receiving psychoanalysis can be too great a burden. If those difficulties can be cleared, then psychoanalysis is a service that can benefit many people.

Those people who feel that they always make mistakes at the same points, those who feel trapped, those who feel that some parts of their minds always disturb them, those who feel down or anxious and have the so-called "psychological symptoms" with those problems building up, to those people, psychoanalysis will be beneficial in most cases. Through knowing one's internal world truly and making changes, one can get out of a cul-de-sac. It will become possible to live more freely and lively. Incidentally, if one is already seeing a doctor, he or she is recommended to consult the doctor first before receiving analysis.

Among those who look after other people in their careers, such as medical, psychological or social assistance professionals, and those at the educational positions, while helping others to increase their happiness, which is the basis of their professions, there are people who get involved with those they are trying to help, get used, lose oneself, or feel unhappy and suffer from those problems. To those people, in order to achieve internal readiness for their careers, psychoanalysis can be of great use.

Of course, psychoanalysis can be beneficial towards those with creative careers, such as scholars and artists. Through a search for the depth of oneself, creativity can gain depth, breadth and liveliness. Minds which were becoming easily trapped during pursuit of artistic or academic goals can regain some free space for creation.

What Is Psychoanalysis?