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Organization & Members


The Japan Psychoanalytic Society conducts psychoanalytic studies, provides clinical practices, and systematically trains and certifies psychoanalysts who meet international standards, as well as psychoanalytic psychotherapists, an original qualification of the Society, through the activities of its Executive Committee, Education and Training Committee, Selection Committee, Scientific Committee, Institute Committee, Public Relation Committee, International Exchange Committee, Ethics Committee, Editorial Committee, Bylaws Revision Committee, and Takeo Doi Psychoanalysis Encouragement Award Selection Committee.

Candidates for psychoanalysts and students training as psychoanalytic psychotherapists study at the Psychoanalytic Institute set up under the Education and Training Committee. There are two branches of the Institute, one in Tokyo and the other in Fukuoka. There is a psychoanalytic clinic at each branch open to the public, which provides consultation, assessment, and recommendation services for people who wish to undergo psychoanalysis.

The present membership of the Society consists of 2 honorary members, 43 members (coming to 45 psychoanalysts), 7 psychoanalytic psychotherapists, 24 psychoanalyst candidates, and 19 psychoanalytic psychotherapist students.

The directors and members of the Japan Psychoanalytic Society are as shown below: