The Psychoanalytic Institute

What is the Psychoanalytic Institute?

An institution set up by the Japan Psychoanalytic Society, the Psychoanalytic Institute provides education and training to psychoanalyst candidates, and students hoping to become psychoanalytic psychotherapists. It has two branches: one in Tokyo and the other in Fukuoka. For details of the training programs, see “Information on training courses.”


Functions and organizational makeup

With basic knowledge of psychoanalysis as its premise, the Psychoanalytic Institute offers education and training aimed at cultivating the skills and abilities required for clinical practice and the pursuit of psychoanalytic studies. Our courses are mostly taught by full members of the Japan Psychoanalytic Society. To ensure that education and training proceed smoothly, the Institute assigns a Progress Advisor to each candidate and student. The Progress Advisor receives reports on the progress and tasks of training as needed, gives appropriate advice, and deals with any issues that arise.


The Psychoanalytic Institute’s Programs

Of the various training programs being offered, training analysis and supervision are carried out individually. The Institute provides an array of programs, including Advanced Seminars as part of our systematic curricula; monthly meetings as an opportunity for periodic clinical studies and examinations; and Post-Advanced Seminars offered by overseas guest speakers who visit Japan. Advanced Seminars are currently being held on a four-year cycle. Those who attend the Seminars are required to give feedback to the Institute on the things they have learned and studied. The information is used not only for evaluation purposes but also to enhance the curricula.
The Institute also conducts research activities, and the results are presented at annual and regional meetings. The Institute is also planning to publish a journal, for international distribution, that includes English papers and articles.



QCan an ordinary, untrained person attend the Institute’s classes and lectures?
AOpen lectures are held several times a year, so we encourage you to attend these instead.
QAbout how much time is it likely to take me to complete the training program?
AAt some overseas institutions, similar training reportedly takes three and a half to five years or more to complete. In Japan, however, we find that it depends on the individual: it may take longer or shorter than this.